A & W takes a good cause: add the ampersand (return) to the alphabet

When a brand changes logo, customers notice it. Look no further than when IHOP briefly became IHOb and the world exploded.

To celebrate its 100th anniversary, A & W Restaurants unveiled a new logo and (breath), there is no more ampersand! The symbol did not stand up well in the digital age; good luck finding one in a hashtag or URL. Even my magic magic 8 noted that the prospects were not so good.

A & W Restaurants, with the help of Cornett's Kentucky Agency, hopes to remedy this by putting the ampersand in the alphabet corresponding to the 27th letter. It's true that until the 1800s, it was considered part of the Latin and English alphabets, but the symbol fell to the side of language languages ​​- and then took a terrible toll while the Internet was coded with a lack of respect for the ampersand.

Thus, A & W created a change.org petition asking Merriam Webster to recognize and return the ampersand to the alphabet in the hope of making it a symbol more recognized and usable numerically.

"The Internet has not been tender to this age-old symbol of unity," says Sarah Mueller, vice president of marketing at A & W. "Have you ever tried using one? one in a hashtag? Or a URL? It does not work, which has become problematic not only for us, but for many brands. "

The brand promotes the initiative on social networks using the hashtag # BringBackThe &, and as the ampersand is not recognized, it does not. is not accepted by social platforms as a part of the tag. The company also launched the online campaign with a collection gift of collectors without ampersands.

Here is a preview of the logo before and after an erandandectomy:


"The homepage of our website will remain free of advertising before we reach our goal of 10,000 signatures of petitions, until we reach dictionary somewhere we hear our call or until the National Beer Float Day is, August 6, 2019, "Mueller continues.

At the time of filing this story, the petition had 250 signatures.

If the ampersand was better numerically accepted, it would relieve brands whose company name was long or short when selecting URLs. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts. Crate & Barrel would not have to use "and" between names, H & M would not be "HM" and "HRBlock" could be known thanks to its traditional nickname, H & R Block.

"We do it for all people who love the ampersand and all the companies like ours who proudly display them under their name and logo," says Mueller.

The agency responsible for the campaign notes that this campaign is not limited to the digital diversity characters. "The key is to bring people and things together," says Cornett in his campaign announcement, "what A & W belongs to from the beginning."

It's worth noting that this is not the only cause of A & W marketing done these days More seriously, the Canadian operation of the food chain became the first in North America to abolish all plastic straws.

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