A massive failure affecting Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp Wednesday and Thursday caused an "absolute mess" in some media buyers


David Herrmann, co-founder and director of advertising at the Outlier Social Agency, said his company "has probably experienced our worst day of the year" because of the outage. The day began when Herrmann discovered he could not publish the campaigns that were due to start on Wednesday. On other accounts, he was unable to suspend his campaigns and advertisers were charged thousands of dollars for ads shown during the outage. He called it "absolute disorder".

"It got worse," said Herrmann, whose Los Angeles agency works primarily with mid-sized, consumer-oriented companies. He added: "I was virtually stuck from 9 am [Wednesday] to practically [Thursday] morning."

Herrmann said that a customer had calculated about $ 17,000 in expenses lost on Wednesday when the sites were down. When calculating the allocation over the next 28 days, Herrmann said that the magnitude of this loss could change.

our accounts are performance-based, and we do not make money without our customers winning, "said Herrmann. "So it's a success for us on the media buying side."

Kevin Urrutia, founder of the social media advertising agency, Voy Media, said the blackout had prevented advertisers and media buyers to advertise on Facebook. API Manager and Facebook almost Wednesday and Thursday. After discovering that his agency could not publish or update his ads, Urrutia felt desperate to watch campaigns that he was unable to suspend advertisers' fees.

"In the meantime, we do not get any conversion," Urrutia, whose agency works primarily with medium-sized e-commerce companies, said. "And we said to ourselves," Why are expenses increasing when there is no traffic? "

Urrutia said some advertisers had increased their spending on Facebook because ads were performing earlier in the week. see huge losses on Wednesday. A customer increased his expenses to $ 10,000 for Wednesday before the outage.

"Well, you just lost $ 10,000," Urrutia said. "And it's our puzzle to recover that cost."

Urrutia and Herrmann have announced their intention to request refunds for their customers, but they are frustrated by the way Facebook communicates with advertisers. Herrmann said that he had been alerted when Facebook had stated that the breakdown did not result from a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack, but that otherwise, his team was in the dark about to the extent of the problem and its duration. Urrutia said his team had no communication with Facebook about what was happening until Thursday, when Facebook sent a notification via Ads Manager about a problem with the site.

"[Facebook] did not send an email to advertisers saying:" Hey, it's broken down, "Urrutia said. Even [Thursday] morning, they did not send e-mail telling them to ask for a refund.They do not make it easy for us to recover our money or tell them our complaints.And it's a bit messy. "

A Facebook spokesperson said the company was not yet sharing repayment details and was not answering questions about how the company communicated with advertisers during the outage. "Communication was not a problem for all buyers." A media buyer, who works on big accounts and asked anonymously to speak freely about Facebook without compromising his business relations, confirmed that buyers encountered difficulties in accessing r to Ads Manager and had seen campaigns run "massively under-routing", but Facebook has "communicated too much" to the media. The team sends updates all day Wednesday.

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