6 tips to stop thinking about work after hours [Infographic]

We all know the feeling – it's 11pm, your laptop is off and you're lying in bed thinking: Shoot … did I remember sending this email?

Or maybe you dine with friends, you have a great idea for your new marketing campaign and you can not wait to tell your boss. You release it immediately, even though it is 18:15.

Work inevitably enters our lives, even after the end of traditional working hours. But without a good balance between work and personal life, you will end up exhausted.

Also, not thinking about work for a while can actually make you more productive at the office – so it's essential to learn to stop thinking about work after regular working hours.

Fortunately, CashNetUSA has written this comprehensive guide to help you recharge your batteries during off-peak hours. Take a look and follow these tips to stop thinking about work when you're not at work.


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