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Older audiences are often removed from digital marketing because their potential business value is excluded due to outdated assumptions and ineffective historical campaigns.

With a quarter of the audience over 75 years old Using tablets and half of adults aged 65 to 74 with social networking profiles, it's time to rethink the population of people older and include the aging public in your next marketing campaigns.

In this article, you will learn:

Some of the misconceptions about the aging marketing opportunity. Real-world tactics to deploy to improve (and include) the demographic data of over 60 years in your digital marketing projects.

1. Senior marketing is more than just an influencer targeting

Yes, there are a large number of influencer opportunities (sons, daughters, other family members, professional knowledge, local news, offline opinion leaders) offering additional marketing potential. when one seeks to obtain results from campaigns for seniors.

The problem persists however: attention must not be paid to the person over 60, but widen and support him accordingly. .

According to the latest findings of Ofcom, "Adults: Report on the Use and Attitudes of the Media, 2019":


96% use a cellphone43% watch content on demand / streaming58% profile on social networks


92% use a phone mobile34% watch content on demand / streaming34% have a profile on social networks

75 +:

81% use a cell phone the phone22% watch content on demand / streaming20% have a profile on social networks

That said, as marketers, it is that there is direct access to an older audience via:

SMS Marketing / mobile and smartphone.Other growing trends regarding the audience like video / YouTube and the market ing on social networks (SMM).

As the use of mobile technology decreases as target audiences reach age (mainly because of the increased use of television and the dependence of the over 50/60 age group), the use of mobile phones, tablets, etc. , and other technologies are still prevalent and growing each year.

As marketers, this puts more emphasis on marketing directly to the consumer (and gives priority to the end user rather than the influencer).

This means that AMP content alternatives, early mobile content designs, traditional mobile optimization and associated actions are as effective for senior marketing as all other demographics.

2. Elders are more loyal and less likely to explore

Ofcom's report also indicates that:

"The propensity to explore online decreases with age; 30% of Internet users aged 16 to 24 report having used many websites or apps that they had not used before, which falls to 10% of those aged 55 and over. "

For marketers, this increases the need to be the first to educate, inform and present brands / content / ideas to seniors first.

Additional incentive offered by this offer is that 90% of seniors will keep you as a numerical solution.you help them first with their information needs.

As you can imagine, there are many ways to improve your life. This is the goal, and some of the ones I have most effective over the years are:

lifestyles Local and local content Free tools, tips and tricks Number Increased Online, Offline / Online, Simplified Journeys Digitally Simplified and Better Junction Between Marketing Channels Adding an Emphasis on Discounts and Phone Calls to Action.Remarketing Increased Content educational and informative [1 9459009] 3. Experiences matter most

It is interesting to note that some of the latest trends in research, such as customizing content, custom-made user journeys and customization of User experience, present one of the most important potential impacts and an association with older audiences.

Once you are able to refocus on the target person, it makes sense.

Older audiences tend to consider customer service, personal contact, and traditional communication with greater respect. Once they have received this feeling of personal attention and contact, they are more motivated to share it and seek to repeat it.

Many approaches can be incorporated into your marketing campaigns to advance this project, such as:

Bridging the gap between offline and online user journeys. Keep marketing messages consistent, easy to digest and simple to take. Use of ACTs such as the telephone, one-click actions and even attendance factors, including offline media and traditional marketing (catalogs, local newspapers, pamphlets and discount codes). clear, the more specific action – the KISS principle (stay simple, stupid) should be kept in mind

4. Increase investment in the educational process

On site and externally through the placement and promotion of content, the older audience needs additional explanations, clarity and general direction throughout the research and development process. purchase of information.

time-saving and commuting concepts (think online banking) that can positively help over 60s compared to other age groups.

However, the added barriers that are in place (aversion to change, misconceptions about the safety of

The integration of online and offline user journeys overcomes this a problem, as well as increased exposure to traditional off-line impressions, such as:

Local Newspapers Household Information: Drops / Circulars.Online CTA and Telephone Construction Offline

5. Target Seniors through YouTube

And video in general

According to a study by iPropsect, silver surfers:

Do not consider that their age was an obstacle to a greater dependence on the Internet (the majority of them see their Internet use increase with age) .With Internet, 63% of more than 70 years spend 11 to 30 hours a week online (over 60 to 69, 50 to 59 and 30 to 49). Watch more TV online and YouTube.

In a quote from the same article:

"Streaming videos online is also popular among" silver surfers ". Fifteen percent of people aged 50 to 59 watch a movie or video on YouTube at least once a day, and 33% of those aged 60 to 69 watch videos on YouTube several times a week – the same proportion as for 30 to 49 years old. year olds. "

What does this mean for marketing teams?

Video can face an even heavier load in senior marketing.

The use

Through the use of video, brands can create trust with older audiences, encourage group mentality and reduce the number of people in the group. gap between offline and online user journeys.


The aging of the population and increasingly technology-savvy seniors present a huge (and relatively unexploited) marketing opportunity. To maximize this, marketing teams need to target more than just the older audience influencers.

The basic tactic required and discussed in this article is to increase the need to appear first for seniors, who rarely change their minds after having a good mark

Added to this is the importance of educational and informational content – especially the role that this can play in guiding older people towards the desired outcomes.

Other priority areas of intervention included additional video marketing, added. Offline experiences facilitated online.

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