19 awesome product demonstration videos to copy

Nowadays, in marketing, it's impossible to swing an enthusiastic micro-influential without hitting someone who talks about video content. And it's not without merit. A recent HubSpot study found that 54% of consumers want to see more branded video content and businesses that they support.

With video marketers recording 66% more qualified leads per year and a 54% increase in brand awareness, it's clear that video marketing is the future and product demo videos are a lucrative way.

 Discover videos, templates, tips and other resources dedicated to effective video marketing strategy.

In fact, 72% of people would prefer to use video to learn more about a product or service. There are many types of product demo videos. So I share below a few of my favorites, as well as tips on how to start your own product demo video.

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Creation of a product demonstration video

Identify the goalDetermine your audienceDefine a budget (and a timeline) Choose between an agency or an agencyStructure your videoChoose between an animation and a live actionWrite a scriptCreate a marketing plan

1. Identify the purpose

Shopping? Subscriptions? Education? The reputation of the brand? Decide what your video is trying to achieve and what you want the viewer to leave. What action do you hope the viewer takes after watching your video and what business need does it meet? For example, "After viewing our product demo video, we hope the viewer submits a demo request form."

2. Determine your audience

Has the audience for this video ever been purchased from you? Are you introducing a new product or feature? Or does this video reach people who have never heard of you? How will this audience be affected? How long will they want to watch? For which buyer will you prepare this video?

These are all important questions to answer. For example, suppose you introduce software to regulate the temperature of different areas of your office. Your video audience can consist of busy office managers who constantly respond to requests to increase or decrease the temperature. They want their colleagues to be comfortable without breaking the cost of electricity.

3. Set a budget (and a calendar)

Do you have $ 7,000 or $ 80,000 to make this product demonstration video? Identify your budget to know how to proceed. It's also the time to set expectations. If you have a budget of $ 500, you will not come out of video comparable to that of the latest version of Apple – and that's fine.

Oh, and do not forget to specify when you need to finish this video. Even the biggest budgets can face obstacles if the schedule is too limited.

4. Decide between internal or agency

This decision will probably depend on your budget. If you have a lot to work on, interview agencies that can give you quotes and creative proposals for your project.

If you have a small budget, do not be deterred from creating a video with your iPhone. You can also record a video from your computer screen while moving on your platform. Work with what you have and be proud of everything you create.

5. Structure your video

Do you want to tell a story? Highlight the pain points? Use text or visuals only? Decide how you want to communicate your goal and how you will achieve it.

If you work with a creative agency or an independent videographer, they can help you define the structure. If you go there alone, use videos such as the ones we've listed below to inspire you and set the format that best suits your product and goals.

6. Choose between animation and real action

The animation can sometimes be a little cheaper than a live video. Work within your budget and skill level, and be honest about the option that best showcases what your product can do and the scope your project requires.

7. Write a scenario

The script is a crucial part of your video. He defines the tone, the rhythm and the message. Start with a project description, go to a plan and browse your script section by section, making sure it matches the goals you previously defined.

Take advantage of all the opportunities that come with a B roll and always do a verbal analysis before going behind the camera.

For more tips and a video script template, check out this blog post and the video that accompanies it to explain how to write a video script.

8. Create a Marketing Plan

Once you've shot, edited and edited your video, it's time to decide how you'll share it with your audience. YouTube, your website, or your campaign landing pages, as well as special e-mail campaigns, are great distribution channels.

But do not overlook the less obvious possibilities, like including your video in your electronic signature, share it in partner blog posts and embed it in your sales team's presentations.

Examples of Product Demonstration Videos

1. Air table

This classic product demo video uses the Airtable animation and product to show users who can use their product and how to take advantage of it. The video shows several different use cases, adopting a broad and high-end approach that will attract the masses.

They also do something else incredibly clever. As the seconds go by and viewers hypothetically click on the video, the shared information is more integrated with the weeds by sharing specific tactics and features. Airtable knows that if someone has spent more than a minute in his demo video, he is probably a qualified lead who wants to know more.

2. Zendesk Sunshine

Zendesk is leading with pain points in his product demo video. "Customer relationships are complicated … made up of fragments of what you know about your customers … it's everywhere," says one narrator. But Zendesk understands. "What seems like chaos is everything you want."

The viewer immediately has the impression that Zendesk understands them. It's 50 seconds before Zendesk presents a solution. We never see the platform at work, but it is not really the purpose of this video.

3. SurveyMonkey

Of a duration of almost two minutes, it is a long video demonstration of the product. But it offers a powerful palette of benefits and textual features, as well as an overview of the product interface.

Viewers see how easy it is to send an inquiry with the help of SurveyMonkey. They even see how it fits with other platforms like Slack. It's a workhorse of a demo video, but the viewer sees how SurveyMonkey can integrate it into its daily workflow – and the ease of use of the product, the connection to the shipment.

4. Headspace

Is there anything harder to sell on the Internet than meditation? Headspace makes it easy for you with their animated, modern and compatible product demo video.

They offer a "healthier and happier life" and show you how the app works for a variety of users with different goals and times. It's an inclusive video that communicates a lot without overwhelming the viewer.

5. Mailchimp

The testimonies work. And they work really well. So, why not use them to bring your product demo video to life? That's exactly what Mailchimp does in a video showing its iOS and Android mobile apps.

The video has many benefits, with a real user who explains how sending emails from his workplace – even a workout – helps him manage his business . The viewer has a brief overview of the application in action, but the goal of this video is to demonstrate a concept more than a product.

6. Apple iPhone XR

This glossy product video presents the new iPhone XR by showing what it can do. A simple text alerts the viewer to the features of this new phone (eg, "Liquid Retina", "Face Identity" and "Water Resistant"), and the benefits are communicated through vivid visuals.

The purpose of this product demonstration is to amaze rather than educate, and that's exactly what it does.

7. Slack

Slack uses this brightly colored video to dispel a common misconception about his platform: it's only for sending private messages. They explain to viewers how teams can communicate using their interface.

"It's more than just a place to talk," says the actor. "We keep all our files here too." The video is feature-rich, but the actor explains how these features translate into benefits – he guides viewers through a Slack demo. A simple "Start with Slack, Today" closes this informative video.

8. The origins of Nike Free

This product demo tells the story of Nike Free running shoes. The shoe designers evoke a bit of shoe design and evoke benefits such as "More Natural Movement" and "Modern and Pleasant Evolution". A simple slogan at the end reads: "Designed for the modern movement".

9. Duolingo

Duolingo starts things with social proofs. "By far the best free application for language learning," says The Wall Street Journal. The following is a description of the operation of the platform, supplemented by more data on its actual effectiveness.

If you want to prove that your product works, the facts are sometimes more appealing than a demonstration of the product itself.

10. IKEA Place

There is nothing wrong with stating your goal in advance. "Hey, IKEA would like everyone to know Square, our new augmented reality app," explains this demonstration video. The following is a demonstration of the application and video editing of people struggling to design and develop new spaces. "We want to help people around the world to imagine a better place," says the narrator. That's exactly what this video demo does.

11. NezFrida

Your baby is cute, until he is not. The narrator explains what happens to a baby's nose when he is sick – and why his baby is restless. Immediately, he identified the pain points of the viewer and explained the problem of NoseFrida's competitors.

The narrator begins to explain how to use NoseFrida – a device that allows parents to physically suck snotches from their baby's noses and effectively ruin your milkshake days without worry by sipping for ever (taking it from me).

It is here that society does something brilliant. They know that their customers' largest purchase block is the markup factor that this product generates, so they confront it head-on. "Breathe gently, we know what you think."

The narrator then explains how NoseFrida is designed to be hygienic and safe. Do you know that your product has a big red flag for customers? Try to brave yourself, as NoseFrida does, instead of circling the elephant in the room.

12. Bluprint

How do you get people to separate from their most valuable asset: their free time? The Bluprint online learning platform does just that. They overcome the objections of viewers at the beginning. Do you think you do not have time? "There is always a way to get a creative solution," says the narrator.

The video adopts an ambitious goal: to show people cooking, painting and dancing. It ends with a call for action, "What are you going to do today?" Bluprint knows what they have to face, and their video demonstration is a strong refutation against inactivity.

13. Sphero

Are you known for one product but would you like to introduce another? Sphero knows a little bit. A few years ago, they created a robot called BB-8 for a little-known film called Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Fortunately for them, I hear that it worked.

In a video of Kickstarter for their new robot, they begin by presenting the iconic robot BB-8 which blew up their success. Once the viewer knows who he is, he presents his new robot: The Sphero RVR.

The rest of the video shows the robot engineers who explain what their new creation does and why it's special. We believe them because they linked this new creation to their past authority.

14. Camera of the door of the ring

This is another great example showing instead of telling viewers what your product can do. The video shows ordinary users using Ring'Rame View Cam in different ways. We see them use the mobile interface, take advantage of the speakerphone and avoid any danger by using the camera.

15. Dyson

Dyson takes a more traditional approach by proposing three new products. Presenters share the characteristics of each product and influencers explain what they like about new products to give social proof. It's simple, informative and concise. Sometimes that's all your demo video needs.

What I like the most about this video is that they include subtitles allowing viewers to understand what is being communicated even without sound.

16. Lime

The text "How to Lime" launches this video and tells viewers what to expect. We see a step-by-step demonstration of the use of lime, their safety recommendations and basics on their mobile application.

17. Platoon

This product video starts with an original Peloton bike story and quickly switches to benefits (ie you can drive it to your room without waking up your partner). Before you know it, the video speaks to the viewer's pain points: "One of the challenges of the shop-shaped, is that it can be embarrassing." Their solution? Platoon.

Thousands of classes, experienced instructors, communities and ease of use. The closeups of the machine in use highlight some features, but what this video shows the most, is the experience you are going to have with Peloton. "That's what I missed," said a video participant. I can not help but think that this is the main goal of the authors of this video for their viewers.

18. Zoom

Here is a classic example of a video demonstration of a product. A solid, feature-rich script immediately indicates how professionals can use and benefit from Zoom. The viewer sees the used product while listening to its operation, and there remains a clear picture of what Zoom can offer them.

19. Gusto

I last saved the most complete product demo video. This example, provided by human resources software vendor Gusto, runs at an impressive five minutes and fifty-six seconds.

Below you will find a detailed analysis of the product, its advantages and how to choose the ideal plan.

The viewers who arrive at the end probably tell Gusto that they are ready to talk to a salesman. This video probably works best for buyers further down the road. If your goal is to introduce your product / service to new audiences, limit yourself to a shorter, faster, and easier to use option.

Product demo videos can be an effective marketing tool. Do you want to create your own video? Check out our ultimate guide to video marketing.

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