13 ingenious ways to get more comments on Instagram this month

If you're not totally dependent on Instagram like me, you could spend a day or two without checking your application. And when you check your feed, you may notice that some friends messages were shared just a few minutes ago, while others may be a few days old.

So, what gives? Why is your Instagram feed no longer chronological?

Like many other social networks, the Instagram algorithm has changed.

In this article, we will quickly introduce you to the novelties of the algorithm, as well as tips to create the most attractive articles possible to get more comments on Instagram, which will help you to jump more above. in the feed and be discovered by new users.

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How to get feedback on Instagram

Organize a gift or a contest. Organize a takeover on Instagram. Ask users to comment.Publish something funny, surprising or provocative.Publish videos.Use relevant hashtags.Publish at the right time of the day.Publish photos of people's faces.Publish photos of animals.Reply comments you get.Use relevant emoticons to create captivating captions.Publish them more frequently.Promoting an upcoming Q & A and asking fans to share their questions.

Instagram Flow Algorithm Guide

In June 2016, Instagram announced that it was modifying its algorithm to display in the first place the content of concern to users, regardless of the date of publication. This could make it difficult for social media marketers to get Instagram organic posts because most users lacked 70% of their feed content.

Shortly after Facebook began prioritizing the messages of friends and family of users in 2018, Instagram followed suit. His algorithms began to prioritize brands and advertisements less.

However, natural commitment brand publications can sometimes outwit these algorithms. Some factors influence the ranking of a publication on the Instagram feed, and the number of mentions of type J likes and comments that a publication gets is one of them. Here is what counts for the ranking in the feed of an Instagram user:

The number of Likes and comments of an article has
If this user has already interacted with your content
How recently have you posted

If your organic Instagram posts arouse the interest of your subscribers, this creates a positive feedback loop: the more people like and comment on a publication, the more likely it is to appear in the # 39; Explorer tab, where users who do not already follow you can view your popular content.

Before we get into strategies to attract more comments, you need to do some things:

1. Make your account public.

Make sure new subscribers can find your content by opening your account. Go to your profile, tap the Settings gear icon in the upper right corner, and then toggle the Private Account button to the Off position.

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2. Enable push notifications.

Turn on push notifications so you can quickly respond to comments from your subscribers or enjoy them. Keep in mind that the more users interact with your account, the more your content will appear in their feeds.

Go to your profile, touch the Settings gear icon in the upper right corner, touch Push Notification Settings, and then choose the Instagram actions for which you want to be notified.

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3. Curate engaging content.

People will not comment on uninteresting content. So ask a member of the team to manage the planning and editing of Instagram content, but open it to a larger team to create different photos, videos, and ideas to keep your Instagram. feed fresh and interesting.

4. Develop an Instagram editorial calendar.

Determine an Instagram publishing rate that's right for you – and we recommend you do not post more than once a day. Do not forget that the algorithm is a time factor. Therefore, you do not want publications from earlier in the day to get lost in random play. Download our content calendar on social networks to keep track of what you post on other social platforms so you do not get repetitive and cover all your bases.

Now that we're all on the same page, let's get into strategies to get more comments (and likes) on Instagram.

13 ways to get more comments on Instagram

1. Organize a gift or contest.

A fun and simple way to encourage subscribers to comment on your Instagram posts is to organize an Instagram contest or giveaway. You can post on Instagram to promote the contest, and then ask users to sign up by commenting on your post. You can make your contest a one week campaign during which users must comment each day. You can even embed User Generated Content (UGC) and ask subscribers to post their own photos and tag / mention your brand in the article.

Here is an example of an Instagram contest organized for our participants at INBOUND 2016, HubSpot's annual marketing and sales event:

Social Media Examiner has an excellent guide for organizing Instagram contests – check it out here.

2. Organize a takeover on Instagram.

Takeovers on Instagram are a fun way to get new content on your Instagram account and work with colleagues and influencers. It's also a smart way to generate more engagement on Instagram.

Takeovers imply that an Instagram user supports the flow of another user, usually for a day, and displays from his or her point of view. Takeovers are often from the point of view of:

A colleague
An influencer
Another organization in your area

These acquisitions allow you to generate more comments on Instagram, whether it happens on your account or on another account. Here is an example of a takeover that we organized with our friends at WeWork. WeWork has been able to share brand and member stories with a whole new audience of HubSpot's committed followers.

WeWork closed the takeover with a call for action (CTA) to follow his Instagram account – where new subscribers will start liking and commenting on new posts. And at HubSpot, we enjoyed feedback from WeWork fans and others interested in the buyout.

Takeovers are a win-win situation for guests and guests. Learn how to host one with the help of Buffer.

3. Ask users to engage in comments.

A simple way to get more feedback on Instagram is to ask them.

Post sharing-friendly content on Instagram and ask users to answer a question or tag their friends and colleagues in comments. It's a fun and easy way to interact with your audience and this also allows you to gather more comments.

Here is an example of an Instagram post that we shared and in which we asked our subscribers a question. You can text messages with simple questions such as "Do not agree or disagree?" or "What is your advice?" to elicit answers and gain more feedback.

4. Post something funny, surprising or provocative.

In a study of what makes viral content, research has revealed that some of the most viral moments on the Internet also provoke very arousing emotions. Among the most common are publications that have created anticipation, surprised the viewer and sparked curiosity and uncertainty. Emotions that aroused feelings of joy were also among the most common, so think about the content you can share on Instagram that makes people feel so strongly that they are forced to comment on it. .

Can you write content on a surprising fact, a moment of happiness or an intriguing trend of the industry? It also does not need to speak specifically about your brand: content that is enjoyable for a wide audience will probably elicit more comments.

This may also be ridiculous – here is our video presentation for our April Fool's joke about "gorilla" marketing that has attracted a lot of attention – while creating anticipation and a sense of surprise .

5. Publish videos.

The time spent watching videos on Instagram has increased by 40% in 2016 and users can now publish videos of up to one minute. Post this engaging content to encourage subscribers to stop scrolling through their loaded Instagram feeds and watch your video – and make sure it's intriguing. Your audience wants more video content – especially on social media – so if you're sharing something interesting and ask viewers to comment on it in the caption, they'll probably do it.

6. Use relevant hashtags.

When you publish your content with popular and relevant Instagram hashtags, your posts appear in searches for these hashtags and the Explorer tab. In fact, messages with at least one hashtag usually reach more than 12% of additional commitment. Influencers and interested users can comment in an organic way when they see you talking about topics that interest them too, or you can combine some of the strategies above to generate engagement.

Ask your subscribers how they celebrated #SundayFunday, recognize a #ThrowbackThursday or use one of the hundreds of relevant hashtags for your area or content to involve new members of the group. audience in conversation. We did this with the Earth Day hashtags in the example below:

Here's a guide to finding and using Instagram hashtags, as well as an exhaustive list of the most popular hashtags you can use.

7. Post at the right time of the day.

There is a lot of debate about the best time of the day to post on social media, because the answer varies depending on your industry, your subscribers, and the type of content you post.

Our best advice is to test your engagement rates on Instagram when you post at different times of the week and determine your release schedule based on the results.

When the weather is nice and early Monday morning or later in the afternoon, try to determine when your subscribers are more likely to stop you and leave a comment to maximize the time. commitment of your publications every day. Use a content calendar on social networks to track planning and results.

8. View pictures of faces.

Let's face it – selfies are fun. And in the end, they are also useful for your Instagram strategy.

An analysis of more than a million publications on Instagram from Georgia Institute of Technology and Yahoo Labs found that publications with a human face are 32% more likely to attract comments – and 38% more likely to elicit "jesus".

The reasons for this are legion, but researchers have suspected this in part because faces are an effective source of nonverbal communication that people respond to even at a young age.

Post Instagram content with selfies, group photos and candid photos, and see if your audience likes the human side of your brand too.

Here is an example of how HubSpot incorporated the face of Ellen Degeneres into an inspiring quote after:

9. Post pictures of animals.

There is not much research to back this one up, but you know as well as me that animals on social networks are powerful. Animals have been popular on the web for a long time, and animal influencers can earn as much money as human influencers on Instagram.

Whether you have pets in your office or a pretty picture of a pet from a colleague, try to post lighter and fun content on Instagram accompanied by a furry friend for see if your audience also likes comments on animals.

Here is a good example in which an Instagram user asks people to tag someone who loves puppies:

10. Answer the comments you get.

As with other forms of social media, responding to comments can give your audience a sense of community and give you the impression that you are really interested in what they have to say. When users receive a comment in response, they can continue the comment feed.

Also, when other people realize that your account responds to comments, they can also comment on the message to participate in the discussion or ask a question about your message.

11. Use relevant emoticons to create eye-catching captions.

While hashtags help to put your message in research, emoticons will attract people's attention to your legends. No more looking at your captions can mean more commitment, comments and preferences for the whole message.

When using emoticons, make sure that they make sense for what you publish and that they seem appropriate for your business. Two to three emojis can be colorful and interesting, but do not go too far with too much of them.

Here is an example where HubSpot accompanied an infographic of a legend containing an emoji:

12. Post more often.

Like many other social media platforms, publishing more frequently will give your account an active and up-to-date look. If you only publish from time to time, your messages may be drowned in the Instagram feed.

If you publish regularly and at the best times of the day, more people will see your posts. This could lead to more people following you and commenting on or responding to your regular posts.

13. Promote a future Q & A and ask fans to answer their questions.

Now that we have features like Instagram Stories and IGTV, we can organize and promote live questions / answers that could be published with these tools. If you plan to interview someone via a live stream, post a few standard articles to promote the event.

For each promotional item, ask users to comment with a question that they would like to ask the interviewee. Depending on the subject of the interview, users can answer a multitude of questions. In addition to comments, this strategy will also allow your subscribers to get directly involved in your content and contribute to its content.

Engagement is essential

Favorites, comments, and video views are valuable on Instagram because they influence the location of your posts in the feed. In addition, your content will be accessible from the Explorer tab if many users interact with your posts. Try these methods to get more answers on Instagram. For more ideas, check out our guide on Instagram for Business.

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 New Call for Action

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